The Library

Welcome to the Library. Here you'll find all of the books, manuals, and scrolls that we've managed to gather. These include Volo's Guides to various places in Toril, of which the Forgotten Realms are but a small part. The Sires Hubert and Percivale will, in addition to the before mentioned, find a copy of their "Rule of the Knights Templar."
Furthermore, you will have the possibility of checking your characters.
Most important, is that you have access to all the maps of the Forgotten Realms.
As of now, a lot of stuff is missing, but, despair not, for the situation will be remedied with all possible haste.

The Library is a place of peace and tranquility. Along the walls are shelves with rows upon rows of assorted writings. Near the window is a small table with two comfortable chairs. As you sit down in one of them, and start leafing through the pages of a leather bound book, a knock on the door gets your attention. It is a servant, asking you if you need anything.. A thankful nod and a glass of mulled wine later, you start reading in earnest...


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