10,000 B.C. The Nazcans of South America build an advanced civilization based on their Line Magic. It flourishes until the Atlantean disaster. [South America 2, p.9.]

101 B.C. Nazcan Line Drawers return to Earth and begin to draw lines of immense and unprecedented size, driven by visions of death. [South America 2, p.10.]

100 B.C. The Arkhon mothership arrives, carrying an invading force of the brutal aliens. The lines drawn the year before are activated and the invasion is repelled at great cost. [South America 2, p.10.]

1051 A.D. The "Ogopogos" Pryaxis and Crysta are hatched. [Canada, p.158. They are both 1322 years old. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

1200 A.D. The city of Cuzco receives a number of transdimensional refugees from the Mechanoid war who are declared to be Gods by the locals, who will be known as Incas. They quickly fall into slumber as Earth's magic field is too weak to support them, but the godlings who arrived with them were unaffected. [South America 2, pp.10-11. Pure conjecture.]

1340 A.D. The true Gods awaken from their slumber in the Temple of the Sun in Inca lands and decide to leave Earth. All their minions leave with them, leaving the Incas to their own ends. [South America 2, p.11.]

1870 A.D. North-West Mounted Police formed. A paramilitary group formed to patrol what was then the North-West Territories (then it was the Yukon, Northwest, Nunavut Territories, and Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. [Canada, p.79. But info about the Northwest territories is from Grade 8 and 9. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

1920 A.D. North-West Mounted Police renamed to Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Made Canada's national police force. [Canada, p.73. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

1984 A.D. CSIS takes responsibility as the Canadian national police force. RCMP still responsible for national security. [Canada, p.73. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

2004 A.D. The 7th Cavalry is taken from the Iraqi Desert by the Dakir. [South America 2, p.99. It is suggested that this may be in an alternate timeline from the Rifts Earth one. GM's discretion.] 2015 A.D. The official start of the so-called "cybernetic revolution" where all world powers rushed to invest in cybernetic augmentation programs. This lasted through until approximately 2050. [Warlords of Russia, p.13.]

2020 A.D. Wilk's Laser Technologies born. [New West, p.203. Conjecture, in the book it says "... early during the Golden Age of Science," -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

2027 A.D. The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) -- Russia -- returns to a system of Communism in a desperate gamble to regain their former glory. For the next 50+ years, they successfully regain their world power status with a revamped version of the 1950s system of government. [Warlords of Russia, p.13.]

2086 A.D. Under the auspices of OceanTech Corporation, a giant floating habitat named Tritonia is brought online, immediately proving its usefulness by surviving a hurricane relatively undamaged. [Underseas, p.93. Part conjecture since it states that "Two years after Tritonia was put into operation, the Amphib Scandal broke."]

2087 A.D. Canada has a census, population is recorded as 51,580,000 people. And the average life span was 138 years. Only 41% of the Quebec population favored secession from Canada. [Canada, p.7. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

Calgary has a population of 1,350,000. [Canada, p.95. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000] 2088 A.D. The Amphib Scandal is brought to light, a series of illegal experiments designed to create a human adaptable to the underwater environment. Most of the scientists on the project, previously working for Shaper Corporation, were secretly poached by the South American group Project Achilles. The surviving results of these experiments are welcomed aboard Tritonia as residents. [Conjecture based on Underseas, p.93, which states that "Within a decade..." after the paragraph on the scandal.]

2089 A.D. Project Achilles, an Argentinian governmental project to create a perfect supersoldier, is started on the plains. Many ex-Shaper Corporation scientists involved in the Amphib Scandal are imported with promise of money and freedom. [Pure conjecture based on South America 2, p.139 which states that "It was inspired by an earlier project sponsored by Shaper Corporation.." which indicates that it was after the Scandal but near enough afterwards for the scientists to flee arrest.]

Melbourne, Australia, programs an Artifical Intelligence, made to be able to operate whole city if drastic measures need to be taken. [Australia, p.91. ".. was programmed and given "life" over three centuries ago.." -- Added by Magus 08/12/2000]

2092 A.D. Lone Star Complex is completed in Texas. While having been operational for some time, it is fully operational as of this year. [Lone Star, pp.16-17.]

2095 A.D. The U.S. builds the Ticonderoga, an immense submersive supercarrier ship. It was supported by the design and building of a number of automated posts from which it could resupply. [Underseas, p.106.]

2098 A.D. Japan fields a number of new Glitter Boy variants, fresh off the design schematics. [Japan, p.137. It states that "Just prior to the Cataclysm.." were they instituted.]

Some scant days before the Cataclysm, Mars base becomes operational. [Mutants in Orbit, p.38; please note that this page reference is in the TMNT section and as such refers to The Flash, not the Coming of Rifts.]

Mere hours before the Cataclysm, super-intelligent mutant cats at the Project Achilles compound stage a breakout. Over the next few months they pilgrimage to the center of the jungle where they perform a ritual and summon the city of Omagua. They meet the werejaguars halfway there. [South America 1, p.105.]

In December of 2098, a nuclear exchange between two small countries turns global. Beginning of the Second Dark Age for humanity. [NGR, p.22, under the Calendar section.]

At the exact moment of the Ley Lines flaring up with energy, the Republic of Japan flipped the switch on an experimental teleporter. The surrounding 100 miles was transported into a pocket dimension, and as three days passed for them, 300 years passed for the world [Japan, p.70.]

The City of Manoa, legendary home of the Amazons who are in fact True Atlanteans of Clan Skellian, is nearly torn apart when their mystic doorways flare to life. They relocate back to Earth which they left 500 years ago. [South America 1, p.87.]

The Gods of the Incas return, sensing the vital energy of Earth once again, their minions arriving with them into a world that could support them all. Meanwhile, the Nazca lines flare to life and the Line Drawers return, sensing their Lines active again. [South America 2, p.12.]

The technicians at Project Achilles, under the belief that they are going through nuclear war, attempt to destroy their creations. A woman named Cordelia Valdez releases a number of mutants and they take over the complex together. Miraculously, they thrive. [South America 2, p.139.]

At the Lone Star Complex, an experiment in dimensional travel is conducted just as the Ley Lines surge to life, enveloping all but three personnel at the Complex, who manage to seal it off and put it in standby mode for the next 300 or so years. [Lone Star, p.17. Please note that this is based on Bradford's theory and therefore could possibly be incorrect.]

In Russia, the Eighty Year Winter begins. Whether a side result of the nuclear war or a bizarre Rifts-inspired side effect, Russia labours under nearly 33 feet of ice. [Warlords of Russia, pp.13-14.]

Perth destroyed, the Mac-2 system was lost. [Australia, p.92. Conjecture, the book doesn't give a date. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

Canada's equivalent to Lone Star (with a focus on cybernetics, not bio-engineering) built and left untouched by the Coming of the Rifts. It was half the size of Lone Star, and 75% underground; Canadians thought there was no need for such an expensive high-tech facility in their country. [Canada, p.79. No statement on when the facility was built -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

2099 A.D. Survivors huddle in the Mindwerks Complex and ponder their fate. They rally under the banner of one Angel Herrenisel. [Mindwerks, p.9.]

The lost continent of Atlantis resurfaces in late January. It will stay as long as the ley lines feed it; when the magic stops, the continent will disappear again. [Atlantis, p.14.]

A migration of Lizard Men takes place from the world of Palladium to South America. They take up residence and thrive over the next 300 years. [Conjecture from South America 1, p.71 which states that they arrived "almost 300 years" ago, but assuming the book is set on 103 P.A. then that would mean that they arrived in 2089, which was before the Catacysm, so I pushed it back by ten years.]

The Administration government is formed in Melbourne, a tyrannical government that rules under martial law. [Australia, p.89. Conjecture, it says "Shortly after the Apocalypse" -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

Melbourne survivors crawl out of ruins. The CCC (Central Computer Core) started to act on plans to rebuild the city. [Australia, p.91. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

7,000 RCMP officers joined the 10,000 staff at the Canadian "Super-Base." They start plans to reclaim and secure the provinces. During the winter, the complex and everyone inside was rifted approximately 265 years in the future. [Canada, p.79. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

2101 A.D. A colony of Jungle Elves arrives in South America after being rifted there by their dying kingdom. [Conjecture based on South America 1, p.55 which states that they arrived "not too long after the Coming of the Rifts."]

The first Naut'Yll arrive on Earth, their arrival masked by the chaos of the world. They will go on to build an empire that will number six million in 100 P.A. plus slaves. [Conjecture based on Underseas, p.145 which states that they arrived "not too long after the Coming of the Rifts."]

2106 A.D. Psyscape as a location comes into being, and a power player in the area. The first major kingdom after the cataclysm, it offers solace to the people of North America and composed primarily of psychics who use their powers to preserve life. While it has been around for a few years it is now that it first begins to be noticed. It will exist in its current form for 80 years. [Psyscape, p.10. Note that in the book Erin postulates that Psyscape originated "around 180-200 years before the establishment of the Post-Apocalyptic calendar, which for the wise among you would put it at 2086 A.D., some 12 years BEFORE the Cataclysm! I arbitrarily made it in 2106 A.D. because the book suggests that it "reigned as a power for one hundred years," and my version reigns for 80 years and starts after the Cataclysm. Can't Palladium ever fact-check anything?]

2108 A.D. ARCHIE 3's surviving human population in the Cyberworks Complex die from an unknown alien plague. ARCHIE lapses into depression. [Sourcebook, p.61.]

2121 A.D. The Ticonderoga, under the command of Captain Nemo, go on a patrol to see what is left of the world. Near the end of it, they encounter a weird rift and it ends up transforming a handful of crewmembers and the Captain himself into what are eventually called Sea Titans. [Underseas, p.107.]

Psyscape warrios battle the Soul Harvesters and prevent them from bringing the bizarre Outer Thing Nxla into the world. For the next few decades they continue to root out Soul Harvesters. [Psyscape, p.24. Note that in consistency with their terrible time problems in this book they state that "for the next 80 years" they hunt down the Soul Harvesters, which would put them at 2201 A.D., about 15 years after they supposedly disappear.]

2128 A.D. The city of Cibola discovers their dimensional pocket is collapsing and relocates to Earth, but in a small error, the lord of the city, an Alien Intelligence named Inix, places it close to Manoa and Omagua. [South America 1, pp.123-124. The date is conjecture since it only states "a few decades after the Coming of the Rifts."]

After years of internal distress, the Neo-Humans of the Achilles Republic split into two factions, the Neo-Abels who stay with the Republic and the Neo-Cains who leave the lesser races behind. [South America 2, p.150. Conjectural date since it simply says that "over the next few decades."]

2154 A.D. Angel Herrenisel leads a contingent of Mindwerks Survivors to the surface of the planet again. They contact a nearby kingdom and trade and relations open. A surprise attack by a larger, more uncivilized kingdom eradicates most of the survivors on the surface. Angel nearly died and was reborn in a cold body and with no soul, doting on Bridget, an adopted child she had saved from the slaughter. After a mass exodus of people who saw Angel as evil, only 90 people remained. [Mindwerks, pp.9-10.]

2160 A.D. The Horune Pirates first appear on Earth who seem hostile to everyone except Atlantis. [Underseas, p.163. This assumes the book to be written from a 104 P.A. standpoint.]

2169 A.D. A tribe of Brodkil approach Angel and the Mindwerks Complex, and they strike an unholy alliance with them. They exchange servitude and reverence for Angel's "magic" -- implants and augmentation. [Mindwerks, p.10.]

2178 A.D. In Russia, the Eighty Year Winter comes to an end. However, it will take another 20 years to renew the winter-laden Russia, though it will dethaw to a virgin wilderness once more. [Warlords of Russia, pp.13-14.]

2181 A.D. Free Quebec finds an American military base with 864 new Glitter Boys and the ability to make them, Unfortunately the nuclear power plant needs to be repaired. [Free Quebec, pp.72-74. It says they have been stockpiling them for 200 years, and it took 10 years to repair the power plant before they could make them. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

2183 A.D. The "Ogopogos" Pogolii, Olaglyna, and Ogo are hatched. A fourth egg in the litter is stolen, whereabouts unknown. [Canada, pp.158-159. All are 109 years old. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

2186 A.D. Psyscape vanishes, leaving behind no physical evidence, but a small cult develops around the belief that it will return. [Psyscape, p.13. Note that it says it disappeared "roughly 200 years ago" from the 90 P.A. standpoint, and "100 years before the establishment of the Post-Apocalyptic calendar." This would put it at 2176 A.D. by the first definition and 2186 A.D. by the second one. Since Erin is writing it, I assumed that she had a better idea of when the P.A. calendar was established versus her present-time sense. So this can vary as much as ten years.]

2190 A.D. First known report of the Lord of the Deep. [Underseas, p.42 states that he has been active for "at least two hundred years," presuming the book was written from a 104 P.A. standpoint.]

2191 A.D. Free Quebec engineers fix the power plant in the military base. They find that there is an automated Glitter Boy factory, and work starts to duplicate the factory. Computer files and everything else to make Glitter Boys also found. [Free Quebec, pp.74. Work on duplicating factory a conjecture. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

2198 A.D. The Amaki arrive in South America, disappointed to see the ruined planet but sensing the potential sales, set up a colony. In a few decades, it will have reached 100,000. [South America 2, p.152.]

2208 A.D. ARCHIE 3 reawakens with hope for the world. He creates scores of robots and sends them out to gather intelligence and specimens. He decides to bring humans to him, but they were shocked and superstitious and in a fit of rage he kills them all. He lapses back into depression. [Sourcebook 1, pp.61-62.]

2216 A.D. In a tiny village in the Magic Zone, residents begin to develop the most unusual power of intangibility. Within two generations, most villagers wield this power. [Psyscape, p.64. Note I ignore this and the Psi-Ghost class.]

2251 A.D. Cartier-Fury Ranch founded by the Cartier family. To get away from demons in the south. [Canada, p.53. It says they moved there to also get away from the CS, but this is before they were formed. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

2257 A.D. Old Bones abandoned by Free Quebec, for being too close to too many dangers. [Free Quebec, p.152. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

2257 A.D. Pharaoh Rama-Set takes over an African empire and renames it the Phoenix Empire. Over the next 132 years, he will expand it through magic and conquest and it will become a mecca for monstrous races. [Africa, pp.131-132.]

2258 A.D. ARCHIE awakens with a new plan to appear as a benevolent god to the superstitious humans. He was accepted by a local tribe and had a thriving community going within a generation. It is destroyed by the Splugorth and he lapses into silence again. [Sourcebook 1, p.62; I would have a separate entry for the destruction but they give no firm dates past this one. I assume a generation lasts for about 40-60 years if you wish to know exact dates, putting the slaughter circa 2312 (26 P.A.).]

The Babylon Project was our last, best hope for peace... :) [Oh, laugh, it's a joke.]

2271 A.D. First reported sightings of Mind Bleeders around the Mediterranean area. They spread to North Africa and the European basin over the next century. [Psyscape, p.52. It states that they appeared "100-120 years ago" so I took the most extreme number.]

2276 A.D. First products of Northern Gun produced at Ishpeming. [Conjecture based on War Campaign, p.24 which states that it has functioned independently "for over 115 years."]

2280 A.D. A city of Cyber-Horsemen, Ixion, is rifted from their home planet and thrown into Rifts Earth, in British Columbia. [Canada, p.103. 110-140 years ago the book says in the book, this represents 111 years ago from a 105 prespective. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000] 0 P.A. (2286 A.D.) Post-Apocalypse Calendar created. [Yes, I know there is no Year Zero, smartasses. Conjecture based on the fact that they probably theorized about it earlier than 1 P.A.]

1 P.A. (2287 A.D.) Glitter Boy Mark III introduced by Orbital Colonies into service by the KLS Corporation. [Heavy conjecture from Mutants in Orbit, p.67; it states that the unit "has been in production for over a hundred years." I presume that its first few appearances were as prototype experiments and that in 2287 mass production truly began.]

The New Empire in Japan comes into power after the threat of decimation by Oni unites the warring factions. [Japan, p.12.]

Alistair Dunscon is born. [Federation of Magic, p.28.]

3 P.A. (2289 A.D.) The Vampire War begins in the Republic of Colombia as they the infamous "Night of Blood" happens, with over 30,000 innocents dead. The wars will continue indefinitely. [South America 1, pp.16-17. It notes that "the war has continued on and off for almost a hundred years.]

Gargoyle Invasion of Europe. NGR launches a full military campaign. [Triax and the NGR, p.15. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

5 P.A. (2291 A.D.) The fledging Coalition discovered the secret to Juicer technology, but decides to forget about its use. [Conjecture based on Juicer Uprising, p.41, which states that they have had the secret "for almost one hundred years!"]

First products produced by the Manistique Imperium. [Conjecture based on War Campaign, p.21, which states that it has been in existence "for over 100 years."]

8 P.A. (2294 A.D.) The NGR's "Bloody Campaign" against the Gargoyles ends. Worst bloodshed ever seen. [Triax and the NGR, p.16. It says ".. bloodiest battles of the NGR occurred 30 years earlier, .." at a 38 P.A. point of view. Slight conjecture. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

10 P.A. (2296 A.D.) The Three present themselves as Lords of Magic to Nostrous Dunscon and the Federation of Magic. They are given token spots in order to keep an eye on them by the paranoid Nostrous. [Federation of Magic, p.11.]

12 P.A. (2298 A.D.) The so-called Federation of Magic invades the newly formed Coalition. The Federation overestimates their own power and underestimates the Coalition and are beaten back at cost. General Joseph Prosek begins a two-year campaign of genocide against all suspected Federation members and magic-users in general. [Rifts, p.140; Rifts p.145.]

Raiders from Cibola trick the Manoans and the Omaguans into a war by leading their forces into each other, a state of affairs that continues to exist. [South America 1, pp.105-106.]

14 P.A. (2300 A.D.) General Joseph Prosek's purge ends and the Coalition and most others believe the Federation of Magic is obliterated off the face of the planet. [Rifts, p.145.]

Brief outbreak of vampires in the NGR border towns. Quickly stopped. [Triax and the NGR, p.15. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

20 P.A. (2306 A.D.) Rumors heard about a Gargoyle Empire in the south. They are ignored as long as they stayed south. Intelligence shows that the 'Empire' is nothing more than a collection of tribes, constantly fighting amongst themselves. [Triax and the NGR, p.15. The book says 'around 20 P.A.' -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

Free Quebec builds a second Glitter Boy Factory in New Quebec City. [Free Quebec, p.74. Conjecture, as it doesn't specifically say that they did build another factory, but that's when they had the ability. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

Joseph Prosek elected Chairman of Chi-Town. [Siege on Tolkeen 1, p.97. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

25 P.A. (2311 A.D.) The Coalition attempts and fails one last time to get to space before acknowledging it as a loss. [Mutants in Orbit, p.56.]

The Warlords of Russia emerge in a ragtag early form. The Neo-Soviet Empire disregards the "wilderness trash" and comes to regret it in the coming years. [Warlords of Russia, p.202. Note that it says "approximately 80 years ago" and the book is written from a 105 P.A. perspective.]

Perth rebuilds the lost city computer system. Although not an AI, it is a supercomputer. It is named Black Swan PCC-1200, but referred to as "Reflex." [Australia, p.91. Based on the year 105 P.A. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

Joseph Prosek sends covert operation teams against places that harbor magic. He knows that an open military campaign is something that he can't afford. So, the covert teams are ordered to undermine the enemy whenever possible. [Siege on Tolkeen 1, p.98. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

26 P.A. (2312 A.D.) Glitter Boy Mark IV introduced into mass production, the first which is designed with space in mind. [Mutants in Orbit, p.68.]

30 P.A. (2316 A.D.) Tritonia opens its doors to trade with out nations after reaching self-sufficiency in 15 P.A. [Underseas, p.94.]

31 P.A. (2317 A.D.) Chairman Joseph Prosek reveals plan for a Coalition of States, based upon the old American government. Talks with neighbors start. [Siege on Tolkeen 1, p.98. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

33 P.A. (2319 A.D.) The Coalition States become reality. First states are Chi-Town (also declaired the capital and center of government), Missouri, Iowa and Illinois. Chairman Joseph Prosek of Chi-Town is made Chairman of the whole CS. [Siege on Tolkeen 1, p.98. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

36 P.A. (2322 A.D.) Wallace John Wilk gets a ruined old factory up and running with the help of Tolkeen. [New West, p.203. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

38 P.A. (2324 A.D.) Gargoyle Empire attacks NGR in revenge for the Bloody Campaign of 3 P.A. Bloodiest battle, only compariable to the original Bloody campaign. Objective of Gargoyle Empire is the conquest of the NGR. [Triax and the NGR, p.16. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

39 P.A. (2325 A.D.) Erin Tarn, one of Earth's greatest scholars, is born. [Africa, p.147. She is 64, but with her "two-year trip" to Wormwood people say she is 66. -- Updated by Magus, 08/12/2000]

41 P.A. (2327 A.D.) Iron Heart joins the Coalition. [Siege on Tolkeen 1, p.99. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

44 P.A. (2330 A.D.) Battle of Red Wing. Red Wing was a town near a CS trade route who unfortunately used both technology and magic. Snipers were traced back to Red Wing and a battle occured which Red Wing won. The CS bombed the town to oblivion. [Siege on Tolkeen 1, pp.99-100. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

45 P.A. (2331 A.D.) Tides of the NGR war with the Gargoyles changes. [Triax and the NGR, p.16. The book says ".. for seven years .. " -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

The NGR takes a Human Supremecist policy. They toss out the D-Bees and replace them with humans. New D-Bee villages established at borders. [Triax and the NGR, p.16. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

Perth and Melbourne, only Australian cities left, start looking outside their walls. Each discovers the other, yet no formal contact is made. [Australia, p.89. "During the last 60 years .." -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

Plato becomes the Head of the Council of Learning in Lazlo. [Canada, p.12. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

Talk from wilderness folk about "Cyber-Horsemen" starts. No proof is found or made. [Canada, p.103. Conjecture, as it states that rumors have been going around for decades, dismissed as nothing because of no proof. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

46 P.A. (2332 A.D.) Karl Prosek is born. [Rifts Sourcebook 1, p.20, gives Emperor Prosek's age as 56.]

"Lord" Prez born. [Canada, p.63. It states his age at 59, from a 105 P.A. view. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

49 P.A. (2335 A.D.) Lazlo (although not named that yet) is a boom city with over 100,000 residents, and more coming every day. [Canada, p.13. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

A group of mages plans to open a rift in the Chicago ruins and summon a demon to attack the 'Burbs while a team assassinates Chairman Joseph and other high ranking officers. The plan is uncovered by the CS and stopped. [Siege on Tolkeen 1, p.100. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

50 P.A. (2336 A.D.) The Dakir build a stronghold in the South American mountains, controlling the passes in the area tightly. They relocate their highly successful mercenary force, the Megaversal Legion, to a valley nearby. [South America 2, p.13 and p.101.]

51 P.A. (2337 A.D.) Free Quebec joins the CS. Due to a treaty, Quebec is pressured to remove the Juicer elements from their army. They slowly comply over the next five years. [Siege on Tolkeen 1, p.100. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

52 P.A. (2338 A.D.) A campaign of genocide is started against True Atlanteans by the dark Sunaj Assassins. [Atlantis, p.64. I left the identity of the assassins obscure in case it would spoil someone's campaign.]

53 P.A. (2339 A.D.) In England, the alien intelligence, Zazshan, through Mrrlyn, elevated the general education and quality of life of two large towns and several neighbouring villages. The Code of Chivalry and the Knights were eventually created and the unified kingdom named New Camelot. [England, p.111. Note that they never gave a specific timeline for the formation of it so I lumped it all into one entry.]

The goals of the Coalition government and the Coalition Military become inseparable. This is a key turning point in the evolution of the Coalition. [War Campaign, p.89.]

56 P.A. (2342 A.D.) After years of pressure, Quebec no longer has any Juicers on their official army rosters. Secretly, they have been moving them all to a covert base at Old Bones. [Juicer Uprising, p.42.]

58 P.A. (2344 A.D.) James Lorne is born. [Free Quebec, p.142. Based on the fact that he is 48. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

59 P.A. (2345 A.D.) Erin Tarn witnesses a presentation in the Chi-Town Library about a power armor developed by the US and Japanese military. She later identifies this armor as the SAMAS suit. [Conjecture from Japan, pp.132-133. This assumes she started adventuring around the age of 20.]

Wilk's Laser Industries becomes a major manufacture of arms in North America. The location of their headquarters is kept secret by selling to other arms dealers at wholesale. [New West, p.203. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

60 P.A. (2346 A.D.) Rumours of the survival of the Federation of Magic circulate. [War Campaign, p.21.] Alistair Dunscon returns to the Federation of Magic, proclaiming himself Lord after dispatching of all the current pretenders and warning them that he is the only true Lord of Magic. [Federation of Magic, p.28.]

Erin Tarn first visits Ishpeming, "Northern Gun." [Canada, p.16. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

62 P.A. (2348 A.D.) The Coalition implements the infamous "Death's Head" motif. [Conjecture based on Rifts p.193, where the description of the Dead Boy Body Armor states that the motif has scared people "for nearly 40 years." This assumes Rifts Main Book to be written as if 102 P.A. were the present.]

Erin Tarn first visits Lazlo. Population at 250,000 people. No name yet given to the city, called many things. Erin Tarn helps to name the city after Victor Lazlo. [Canada, p.13. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

63 P.A. (2349 A.D.) Triax launches a battery of satellites, missiles, bots, and probes into space. They are all destroyed and Triax writes space off as a loss for the moment. [Mutants in Orbit, p.56, presuming the book is written with the present being 101 P.A.]

Erin Tarn's book "Humankind's Rise From Chaos" released. [Conjecture based on the excerpt in Rifts, p.128.]

65 P.A. (2351 A.D.) Acts of terrorism start against the Coalition. Responsibility is claimed by the so-called Federation of Magic. [Siege on Tolkeen 1, p.100. -- Source added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

68 P.A. (2354 A.D.) Humans and Ohajee Megaversal Troops lead a rebellion against the Dakir after disabling their safeguards against such an act. They successfully retake the stronghold, renaming it Fort Desperado, and decide to remain a mercenary unit. [South America 2, p.101.]

The Lone Star Complex is discovered while doing routine exploration for geological and resource mapping. Three months later, Lone Star was declared to be a state of the Coalition. [Lone Star, p.16.]

70 P.A. (2356 A.D.) The Perez clan makes short work of defenders at Towerville. It had only 400 people living around the tower. Town renamed to Perez. [Canada, p.62. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

Chairman Joseph Prosek is assassinated by one of his own aides. She is imprisoned and publically executed. [Siege on Tolkeen 1, p.100. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

General Cabot becomes the acting chairman of the CS. He maintains the post for 16 months. [Siege on Tolkeen 1, p.101. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

71 P.A. (2357 A.D.) Karl Prosek, son of late Joseph Prosek, head of Coalition Propaganda is elected to become the new Chairman of the CS. [Siege on Tolkeen 1, p.101. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

72 P.A. (2358 A.D.) "Chairman" Karl Prosek rises to power in the Coalition. [Rifts, p.141; it states that the Library was destroyed in 77 P.A., "five years after Emperor Prosek rose to power."; Rifts, p.191 also supports this but Erin's diary was dated circa 78 P.A. which may just mean the news didn't get to her very quickly.]

73 P.A. (2359 A.D.) First reports of Knights in England. Over the next 30 years there is a proliferation of the Knights. [England, p.102.]

A CS reconnaissance team reported seeing Cyber-Horsemen. First thought to be advanced robots, further examination of the tapes showed that they were technologically advanced Centaurs. [Canada, p.103. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000. Also supported by Conversion Book 1, p.113.]

74 P.A. (2360 A.D.) The Arkhona return, folding into space above Earth intent on destroying the Nazcans. Instead they get shot down by Earth space defenses and lose a third of their fleet to dimensional anomalies and took seclusion on the mountains of Ecuador. [South America 2, p.13.]

75 P.A. (2361 A.D.) The Coalition possess the secrets of longevity and cloning, but supresses the knowledge as "too experimental," keeping it for the inner circle of the Coalition. [Lone Star, pp.68-69.]

77 P.A. (2363 A.D.) The Chi-Town Library is reportedly destroyed in a titanic battle. Erin later discovers that it still exists. [Rifts, p.141.] [Canada, p.15. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

Golden Age Weaponsmiths Incorporated forms. In the next 25 years, they form a solid reputation for retooling scavenged material into useful goods. [Mercenaries, p.96, states that "...such a reputation over the past 25 years..." This assumes that Mercenaries is written from the "present" of 102 P.A.; I couldn't find a specific date in there so that's the assumption I used, so this may be off by a year or two.]

Lone Star produces the first batch of Psi-Hounds, nicknamed Dog Boys. Initial unease is displaced with acceptance as they prove their worth. [Lone Star, p.22.]

Quentin R. Perez born. [Canada, p.62. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

78 P.A. (2364 A.D.) Joseph Prosek II is born. Karl proclaims it a national holiday. [Sourcebook 1, p.21 lists Joe's age as 24; the national holiday idea is purely my own.]

Chairman Karl Prosek accepts the appointment of "Emperor for life." [Siege on Tolkeen 1, p.102. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

79 P.A. (2365 A.D.) Wilk's starts selling weapons directly to consumers. Several stores are opened in North America. Northern Gun cuts orders of weapons by 80% and other laser technologies by 20%. [New West, p.203. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

80 P.A. (2366 A.D.) The Xiticix appear out of several Rifts in Sasketchewan, Manitoba, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and the Dakotas. They are a xenophobic insectile race who refuse all communication and build large hive-like complexes. [Rifts, p.139; mild conjecture as Erin says they appeared "about 20 years ago."]

Erin Tarn bids farewell to an expedition in her name to learn the truth of the vampires in Mexico. A Cyber-Knight named Tyrone, four other Knights, a Borg, a Psi-Hound, and a Technomage left and have not since been heard from. [Conjecture based on Erin's description of Mexico in Rifts, pp.138-139. In this she says that "it has been over 20 years."]

81 P.A. (2367 A.D.) Arr'thuu, future King of New Camelot, is born. [England, pp.104-105.]

The Canadian Super-Base, rifted from 2099, arrives. Initially they are very confused but they investigate the world. They spend the next year adjusting and formulating new plans. [Canada, p.79. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

83 P.A. (2369 A.D.) An ancient dragon named Melastirth arrives in the First City of the Lizard Men. He preached of the Cult of Dragonwright and a Lizard Man by the name of Stleet Otter-Eater strikes down their leader and proclaims the Cult to be dominant. Stleet proclaimed High King of the Kingdom of Lagarto. [South America 1, p.71. They had called a Gathering, which was stated to have taken place "20 years ago," assuming the book was written from 103 P.A.]

A group of newcomers arrives in Newtown who were extremely rich and completely unknown. Two years later, a deal would be struck to form UltraTech Incorporated. [Juicer Uprising, p.121.]

The RCMP changes their name to the Tundra Rangers in the realization that the Canadian government dosen't exist anymore. [Canada, p.79. This is assuming that they took the name after they adjusted to their new world. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

James Lorne takes the seat of Prime Minister for Free Quebec. He is 26 at the time. [Free Quebec, p.141. The book says he has ruled for 22 years, seen from a 105 prespective. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

85 P.A. (2371 A.D.) The Battle of Humari in South America between the Arkhon and the New Empire of the Sun. Over 20,000 Incas died, twice that injured, while the Arkhons lost 12,000 soldiers and 200 combat vehicles. The Arkhons decided not to try any further major attacks. [South America 2, pp.13-14.]

The Coalition establishes a small Psi-Battalion under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Carol Black. It will go on to have an excellent record of success and a fair acceptance by CS citizens. [Psyscape, p.144.]

Perez experiences a population decrease from 1,200 to less than 700. Many defenders leave, not liking the lifestyle. [Canada, p.62. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

The Tundra Rangers finish gathering intelligence about North America. [Canada, p.79. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

87 P.A. (2373 A.D.) The Republic of Japan reappears on Earth after three days in a dimensional pocket turns out to be nearly 300 years. Within the first six hours, nearly 10,000 are dead or missing and 32,100 injured. [Japan, p.70.]

88 P.A. (2374 A.D.) The King of Tolkeen, Gravander Henchu, dies. Prior to his death, he made each apprentice memorize one of the many spells he knew and then record them down in a book. This would become the Book of Ten. [Siege of Tolkeen 1, p.102]

89 P.A. (2375 A.D.) Robert Creed becomes King of Tolkeen after the Council of Twelve ruled for a year. [Siege on Tolkeen 1, pp.102-130. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

90 P.A. (2376 A.D.) Doctor Reid and his Rangers first arise around this time, both in form and in rumour. [Vampire Kingdoms, p.100. Erin Tarn notes that the last time she was in Mexico, "20 years ago," there were no stories of Doc Reid.]

Relations between Free Quebec and the other states starts to sour. Radio station C.F.Q.C. starts preaching for a truly Free Quebec. [Free Quebec, p.144. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

91 P.A. (2377 A.D.) The Colombians destroy all major vampire cities and nearly drive out the Vampire Intelligence that is responsible for the Vampire War, but the creatures manage to survive. [South America 1, p.17.]

93 P.A. (2379 A.D.) The CS and the NGR try to form trade and military agreements with each other. The NGR starts the talks. [Triax and the NGR, p.18. Conjecture. It says ".. but it has only been in the last ten years .." and the book was written for 103 P.A. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

Perez gets an offer from the Black Market for building a market. Offer accepted. [Canada, p.62. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

A nameless camp is freed by James T. Fowler from a dictatorial Crazy and his Psi-Stalker followers. It is renamed to Fowlerville. [Canada, p.67. "It has been 12 years since .." -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

94 P.A. (2380 A.D.) Victor Lazlo, famous 20th century parapsychologist, is rifted into the New German Republic. [Africa, p.151.]

In what is later called the Anticosti Island Incident, an unknown submarine was detected and driven into shallow waters and depth charged into submission. It was a Kittani minisub and it was discovered that they were delivering weapons to an anti-Coalition group. The Emperor, livid over this gaping hole in the integrity of the Coalition, creates the Naval Advisory Committee. [Coalition Navy, p.15.]

95 P.A. (2381 A.D.) The Emperor orders that a Navy be created, the most powerful Navy known, and that it be fully operational by 105 P.A. under the auspices of Admiral David Seaton. [Coalition Navy, pp.15-16. Note that canonly the Admiral is named Admiral Travis Fisher, but I don't like the name so I changed it.]

96 P.A. (2382 A.D. Perez Productions is created and managed by Quention R. Perez. Quention is the main writer, director, producer and sometimes star. Films cross the whole spectrum, from horror to sci-fi to comedy to romance. 20 films are made a year, 25% with the help of Quention. [Canada, p.62. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

97 P.A. (2383 A.D.) A sudden explosion of Weapons Manufacturers catch dominant force Northern Gun off guard. For the next few years they struggle to maintain their supremacy, capped off by the founding of Wellington Industries by their ally Manistique. [Mercenaries, p.102, states that "..the appearance of several arms dealers in the past five years."]

98 P.A. (2384 A.D.) Glitter Boy Mark V introduced into mass service by Orbital Colonies. [Heavy conjecture from Mutants in Orbit, p.68, which states that "the most recent design is..." I imply from this that it was very recent to 101 P.A. and so I arbitrarily made it 98 P.A.]

Erin Tarn estimates Ishpeming's population to be 100,000. She is wrong; it is 250,000. [Canada, p.18. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

First known deployment of Skelebots by the Coalition. The program is alternately applauded and derided by Member States and the Coalition is wary of using them, but the experiment is conducted anyways. [Coalition War Campaign, p.122. -- Updated by Magus, 08/12/2000]

99 P.A. (2385 A.D.) Erin Tarn reports that 60,000 people live in Old Bones. [Free Quebec, p.152. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

100 P.A. (2386 A.D.) Wellington Industries is founded when archaeologists discover a Pre-Rifts weapons manufacturing complex. Manistique enjoys a boom. [Mercenaries, p.102; again, assumes the present of Mercenaries is 102 P.A.]

Erin Tarn's book "Traversing Our Modern World" released. [Conjecture based on it being her "most recent book" in Rifts, p.137.]

Most of Clan Skellian, a True Atlantean clan, are reassembled in Manoa in South America after nearly 300 years of searching for them all. [South America 1, p.88.]

Coalition troops seize Port Horus in Lone Star, exterminating resistance and setting up a base for the forerunner of the CS Navy. The Emperor makes a speech soon afterwards declaring the intention to build the most powerful Navy in the model of the old American Empire. [Coalition Navy, pp.13-14.]

The Coalition makes a deal with Golden Age Weaponsmiths to turn over all salvage from Norfolk, Virginia at no cost in exchange for recognition and an exclusive contract. [Coalition Navy, pp.16-17.]

Most scholars estimate the Xiticix population to be 30,000; the Coalition says 300,000. The actual population stands at 350,000. [Canada, pp.73. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

Free Quebec hires a disenchanted team of Northern Gun designers to design a robot for them. The end result is based on the Triax X-2500 Black Knight. [Free Quebec, p.66. Conjecture, "Several years ago" I took as 5 years. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

101 P.A. (2387 A.D.) The Coalition dispatches troops to Minnesota in reconnaissance for a planned attack in future years. [Rifts, p.139; it states in August.]

Iron Heart Armaments forms when an industrial group signs an agreement with the people of New Kenora, forming Iron Heart Armaments. They are condemned by the Coalition but New Kenora turns into a boom town within the year. [Mercenaries, p.107.]

In May, Erin Tarn disappears while exploring Mexico. [Vampire Kingdoms, p.39. Note that she took a dimensional rift (bad story) and took a side trip through Wormwood before arriving back on Earth in England.]

The city of Newtown is admitted to the Coalition a after two years of waiting. UltraTech Incorporated picks up a number of contracts from the Coalition and the city thrives. [Juicer Uprising, p.121.]

Emperor Prosek and Joseph Prosek II lay the groundwork for their Crusade of Humanity. The first step is called the "Campaign of Unity." Spies are set up in enemy territories, including Quebec and Old Bones. [Siege on Tolkeen 1, p.104. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

102 P.A. (2388 A.D.) ARCHIE is supposedly destroyed by a band of adventurers with the aid of his old idea man, James T. Maryland is inundated with ARCHIE robotic creations and ARCHIE of course still directs them. [Conjecture based on the adventure in Rifts Sourcebook 1, pp.63-74. It is assumed that since SB1 is set in 102 P.A., the adventure is too. They are very thin on timeline details in the first sourcebook.]

Late in 2388, Plato in Lazlo releases a Planetary Edict based on premonitions of powerful psychics. The first of these threats, the Devourer, manifests in the form of The Mechanoids when ARCHIE experiments with a shifter and accidentally release Mechanoids into the complex. They quickly establish a beachhead in the Cyberworks complex. [Mechanoids, pp.15-17. It never gave a specific date because it is presumably campaign-subjective, but I put it at the end of 102 P.A. in keeping with the order the books were released. I do not resolve how they are destroyed, leaving that up to

inidividual GMs.] On the 10th of April, 102 P.A., a ship called The Quester under Professor Augusto Cudbury sets off from Lazlo on a South American expedition. His last report is dated September 103 P.A. and no subsequent messages have been received. [South America 1, p.8 and p.14. There is alledgedly an adventure that was never published that deals with Cudbury. I did not log each of his messages by date even though they are listed by date in SA1.]

Colonel Lyboc receives visitors from Newtown proposing Operation Phoenix Rising. Lyboc pitches it to the Emperor, who subsequently adopts it. [Juicer Uprising, p.133.]

In an attack by the True Federation of Magic, Jason Prosek and a number of troops are killed and Joanna Prosek, wife of Karl, is presumed dead. There is a week of official mourning. [Federation of Magic, p.29.; Siege on Tolkeen 1, p.104-105. -- Source added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

103 P.A. (2389 A.D.) Erin Tarn resurfaces in England and subsequently travels down to Africa and watches the Gathering of Heroes to battle the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. She meets Victor Lazlo who was rifted ahead in time from the late 20th century. [England, pp.7-8; Africa pp.8-9.]

In Africa, four terrible powers of evil emerge in the form of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Their only purpose is to unite and bring about universal destruction. They can't be bargained with, reason with, and so forth. A call for heroes is sent out and they arrive en masse to fight the Four Horsemen, the second of the Horrors outlined in the Planetary Edict of Distress. [Conjecture. Presumably since 103 P.A. is the setting for the book, the threat arises after Mechanoids and within the same time frame. I again leave the resolution of this situation to specific campaigns.]

The Goddess Isis is struck with an experimental biowizard microbe sent by Set. She does not remember her Divine origins and is quite unaware that she was a warrior goddess. The microbe is experimental and its duration is unknown. [Africa, pp.146-147. The last line is just RPG-Talk for GM's discretion.]

UltraTech Incorporated relocates its Juicer creation facilities to Fort El Dorado after the Coalition bans them from the city. Fort El Dorado becomes a major Juicer hangout. [Juicer Uprising, p.129.]

First reports of skeletal-imaged raiders and bandits in and around North America. They are assumed to be D-Bees and the Coalition deploys its troops more densely in order to compensate for them. [War Campaign, pp.8-9.; Siege on Tolkeen 1, p.105. -- Source added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

In Lone Star, the Coalition declares Mutant Rats to be a hazard and orders their termination. In a freak accident, a rift opens and about 1,000 of them are rifted to Lone Star City, where they take up residence and breed wildly. [Lone Star, pp.85-87. Please note that canonly speaking, they were in fact rifted to a level of the Complex, but neither Axe nor I can believe the stupidity of THAT. Make them appear where you will.]

Free Quebec starts disbanding standard CS weapons and armor. It begins issuing new weapons. [Free Quebec, p.44. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

Bandito Arms unveils their versions of the SAMAS. Most people consider them a knock-off of Coalition technology. The CS condemns the creation of the new SAMAS "knock-offs" and executes over 100 black market operatives in three months. [New West, pp.181-183. This is from a 105 P.A. prespective. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

104 P.A. (2390 A.D.) The missing Arkhon fleet reappears, provoking a massive space battle. The Arkhons fight off the Earth space fleet but retreat to Mars upon discovering their Faster-Than-Light drives were burnt out. They make the best of their situation. [South America 2, p.68.]

The New German Republic begins to field test its secret Navy, which it hopes to use to defeat the European problem within a decade. [Conjecture. Testing and development would have started years earlier but field testing started in 104 P.A. See Underseas, p.190.]

Los Alamos is offered membership in the Coalition, but it declines. Because they are outfitted with Naruni products, the Coalition wished them to get rid of it all and they would not, earning them the quiet ire of the Coalition. [Juicer Uprising, p.111 and p.113.]

By the end of the year, tests on Operation Phoenix Uprising are complete and it is given the green light to go to fully operational status. The Emperor officially announces a cure to the Juicer condition. [Juicer Uprising, p.134.]

Mind Bleeders are discovered by the Splugorth of Atlantis and are bred for sale. They begin to appear in places previously unknown for them to appear, including North America. [Psyscape, p.53.]

144 USA-G10 Glitter Boys delievered from the NGR to Free Quebec in the Spring, necessary according to special technologies contract they signed. 60 T-500, Triax versions of the Glitter Boy, are delivered in the fall. [Triax and the NGR, p.20. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

Free Quebec gets Triax's help in the development of a new weapon, the Q-2-30 Rapid-Fire Heavy Laser. [Free Quebec, pp.47. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

One General Phineas Chalke is assigned to the Tolkeen front as a way to remove him from Chi-Town. Instead of taking his assignment meekly, he decides to attack Tolkeen full out, naming his operation Fullbore. It is a disaster and comes to be called Chalke's Folly. All but 1,489 troops dies, but it was later revealed that the Emperor simply wanted Tolkeen to reveal its fully strength. [Siege on Tolkeen 1, pp.105-107. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

105 P.A. (2391 A.D.) By the early part of the year, word has spread about the cure available for Juicers. Most flock to Newtown, deserting old posts and rallying under the new agreement for the cure. [Juicer Uprising, p.136.]

The Juicer cure is revealed to be a fraud after a misunderstanding with two Juicers. The so-called Juicer Army of Liberation rises to do battle with the Coalition, who they blame for the fraud. They soon take over the city of Newtown and the CS is paralyzed by indecision and shock. [Juicer Uprising, pp.136-146. Very summarized.]

After studying Newtown UTI facilities, it is discovered that the Phoenix Treatment was in fact a plot to gain control of a Juicer army by an alien race. The Juicers defeat the aliens and the Coalition claims they were pawns of the aliens. Thousands of Juicers return, embittered by the failure. [Juicer Uprising, pp.147-155. Very summarized.]

Joanna Prosek is returned after Lord Coake and his allies supposedly liberate her from her prison that she was in for three years. She brings back a tale of emotional and mental torture and her subsequent rescue and explanation of a humane vision of mages and supernatural creatures living in harmony with humans, and that it was possible. While gently not calling it brainwashing, it enraged the Emperor and provoked what would later be his Crusade for Humanity. [Federation of Magic, pp.29-30.]

The Emperor gives a speech entitled "The Crusade for Humanity." Highlights include a new Coalition Army, acceptance of Iron Heart as a major manufacturer, the candidacy of Arkansas into the Coalition, the recognition of Ishpeming and Manistique Imperium as allies and the declaration of war against Naruni Enterprises, and most surprisingly, the announcement of Quebec's traitorous actions and its consequences. [War Campaign, pp.9-12, summarized.]

Northern Guns population explodes over the past few years. The population is now approximately 400,000. [Canada, p.18. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

Xiticix Population jumps to 1.6 million from 350,000 in 100 P.A. [Canada, p.73. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

Plato makes a statement in the Summer to the people of Lazlo about the Xiticix problem. [Canada, pp.73-74. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

Triax co-develops the Mini-HUD System. [Free Quebec, p.44. It says it's an experimental system, so they would have just gotten it. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

Old Bones population reaches 70,000 people. [Free Quebec, p.152. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

106 P.A. (2392 A.D.) In Atlantis, all forms of Juicer coversion become available with the exception of Dragon Juicers who are banned. [Juicer Uprising, p.53. Note that I ignore Dragon Juicers exist.]

108 P.A. (2394 A.D.) The Empire of Olympia forms on what was once Greece. Priests and warriors who are loyal to the Greek Pantheon establish a capital named New Athens and Mount Olympus is taken as the Earthly Domain of the Gods. [Part conjecture from Rifts Conversion Book 2, p.66. Feel free to ignore.]

The Coalition base of Fort Defiance becomes operational, but it will not be completed until 115 P.A. [Coalition Navy, p.19.]

115 P.A. (2401 A.D.) Ishpeming's population has doubled to 800,000 from 105 P.A. [Canada, p.18. This is speculation from the book. -- Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

122 P.A. (2408 A.D.) Emperor Karl Prosek dies. Joseph II, his son, inherits the title. [Semicanon conjecture from Rifts Sourcebook 1, p.20, which states that "[Karl] ..will rule and build the Coalition Empire for the next 20 years." Barring other developments like assassination or whatnot of course. I only add this here for completion, feel free to ignore it.]

152 P.A. (2438 A.D.) Emperor Joseph Prosek II dies. [Semicanon conjecture from Rifts Sourcebook 1, p.20. Again, feel free to ignore. The sourcebook further states that a power struggle might erupt, but this is too far down the line to firmly state. Again, barring premature death, this is the general canon death of Joseph II by natural causes.]

Last Revision: August 12th, 2000 (World Books 18-22 and Siege on Tolkeen 1)