We are at War!

By Alessio7, Milan

What we had prayed would never come to pass has happened. We are at war, and the enemy is the Gargoyle Empire!

This morning our much loved and highly-esteemed First Army, which, as everybody knows, is based in beautiful Milan, set forth to meet an approaching horde of Gargoyles and Gurgoyles head-on just south of the Alps. Military intelligence had detected enemy troop movements but, at first, did not really believe the readings. The size of the enemy horde seemed simply too vast.

Alas, the readings were all too correct. The enemy force was more than two thousand strong and they crossed our northern borders unchecked and advanced mercilessly towards the City of Cities. Our First Army set forth to do battle with them and should have won, as they are without peers when it comes to military prowess.

Fate had dealt our magnificient soldiers a dirty hand, however, and treachery darkened the day for our troops, who were slaughtered to a man, as they stood their ground defiantly. Rumours has it that the Underground had a hand in their downfall.

The Third Army is on its way to end the Demon threat once and for all, sure of victory since the enemy's devious plot has now been unraveled. "We will win this one", the Commander of the Third Army said." Surely, such a demonic atrocity only happens once in every lifetime."



Lost Expedition Found

By Monica Rinaldo, Sicily

Grizzly sight greets adventurers as remains of former expedition members are found near the Giza Plateau.

The expedition, which was led by the world-famous Cassius Brown had set out last November with the declared goal of "lifting the veil of Mysterious Africa."
Apparently its members had met an untimely demise at the hands of the natives there. Speculations abound as to what the expedition had managed to uncover.

The group of adventurers, who found the remains, have apparently been sworn to secrecy, as repeated attempts by yours truly and my esteemed colleagues have yielded no further information so far.



Distributed Radio News Group

February 7th, 101 P.A.

The weather is harsh these days - in Italy and NGR especially.

Moderate to fair in the rest of Europe, sources say, though they do predict the occasional Lightning Storm ;^)

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  • 12:02
    Genovese beats Milan to lead Series A

  • 11:34
    Church loses famous picture of Italian Saint

  • 11:09
    Enormous rift appears above Caspian Sea

  • 09:23
    "Haldur's Halfers" win the "Athens Atrocity" to claim BloodBowl Championship as first ever D-Bee Team


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