The following characters who currently comprise our party are listed below along with a few stats.

Wolfram Moe Zart (Ojahee, Gunfighter)
A huge, massively muscled Ojahee with an incredible ability to pick up any gun and use it.
That coupled with the eight or so handguns he carries all the time makes for an explosive package indeed.
Wolfram is the party's expert on Handguns, Mechanics, and Wilderness Survival.

Rick Ellison Ward - a. k. a. "Flute" (Human, Demon Queller)
Having spent most of his youth in a monastery, Flute is the quiet type who will go a long way to avoid a fight.
When angered, however, he is rather a forward fellow with his swords...
Flute is the party's expert on Stealth, and Demon Lore.

Joe – a. k. a. "6042-7" (Human, Psi-Stalker)
A Psi-Stalker who left the CS Army, because he started to doubt CS propaganda.
Some of his powers are relatively new to him. He puts them to excellent use, however.
Joe is the party’s expert on the Coalition States and Tracking.

Christof Romauld (Human, Ultra Crazy/Psi-Slayer)
Christof saved Zoe from the Gene-Splicer and was later instrumental in
bringing about the downfall of the evil scientist.
His background is still an enigma - even to himself.
Christof is the party's expert on Psionics and Research

Hellfire (???, ???)
This huge, muscular and good-looking fellow often accompanies Wolfram, Joe and Flute on their adventures.
He is not afraid to speak his mind and favours the direct approach when confronted with a problem.

Nebula (Altess (now Silhouette), Spatial Mage)
This young man, hailing from Center, met the party while traveling through the Pacifist camp.
Having read a rather incomplete version of the Prophecy, he claims he is following it
in order to discover the fate of one of his ancestors.
Nebula is the party's expert on Space and Computers.

Dave Monaghan (Human, Operator)
A bright young man with considerable skills at mechanics and electronics.
Wolfram and Flute saved Dave from a couple of gangsters several months ago, and he
has since become a very valuable member of the team.
Dave is the party's expert on Mechanics and Electronics.

Zoe Monaghan (Human, Spellworm)
The sister of Dave, she is equally bright though not as cheerful.
This may be contributed to her recent years, where she had to endure captivity and hardship.
Zoe is the party's expert on Magic.

Master Long (Human, ???)
This wizened, old Asian is a complete enigma to the other team members.
He joined the Party and expressed a desire to bring them to China, but seems to be in no hurry to do so.
These days, Master Long trains Wolfram in "Lau Re" and Flute in "Guard Jump."